My Life
I was born at the Sandringham Hospital on 21 July 1946.  For the first 4 years of my life I lived in Abbott Street, Sandringham before the family moved to Seddon in the western suburbs.  My father was at that time a mens Hairdresser and the shop/residence was located directly opposite the Seddon railway station.  I can only assume that the continual parade of trains led to my interest in railways and the thought of becoming a Locomotive Driver in later life.
I spent my school years at Hyde Street Central in Footscray.  On the 1st December 1954 I became a Cub Scout with the 1st Footscray Group.  Due to the distance having to travel from Seddon to Footscray this was only to be a shortlived experience in my life.  At age 14 I decided that I had had enough schooling and in the September of 1960 I left to join the Victorian Railways.  This was to be the first of 2 encounters with this employer.  (See ‘My Career’).
In 1963 I caught the ‘Spirit of Progress’ and headed north to Sydney.  This was to be a very big step for my age.  I lived in Blacktown with my father and step-mother for some months, joining the New South Wales Government Railways in late 1963.  On gaining a position at Valley Heights I moved to Lapstone and later to Springwood.  In November 1964 I transferred to Albury.  In September 1965 I decided to return back to Victoria and this became the start of a 37 year association with the Victorian Railways.
Outside interests became many and varied over a period of years.  Between May 1973 and March 1976 I was a member of the Citizen Military Force (Army Reserve).  In January 1976 I again became a member of the Scout Association.  This time as a Group Leader for 1st Sunshine and later 1st North Sunshine.  On gaining my Wood Badge I was appointed to the position of Assistant District Commissioner (Administration) for Sunshine Central District.  Due to work hours and the time needed to be spent in filling my role as ADC, I made the choice of what was my priority, and in November 1980 I left the Scout movement.  Whilst with 1st North Sunshine I played a pivotal role in having the Scout Hall extended and oversaw the Group celebrate its 21st anniversary.
In May 1985 I became Secretary for the Sunshine VRI Football Club.  I held this position until November 1989.  In this period I gained awards as Best Clubman in 1986 & 1988.  Whilst in this position I was involved extensively with Tony Haebich (President) and Steve Deveson (Treasurer) in having the clubroom which was located behind the Sunshine VRI Bowling Club extended. (VRI - Victorian Railways Institute)
In July 1989, in conjunction with David & Stan Gunn we formed the business ‘Series 567 Rail Video’.  See ‘567’ on my site for full history of the business.  The business was sold to Train Pictures in December 2008.
Since going into full retirement I have been busy going through my colour slide collection.
Since January ’09 I have had 3 books published using photos from my collection by Blurb in the USA, these being:
‘Australia – My Country’
‘Farewell Melbourne Yard’ and
'Railways - Victoria'
Further books are planned.
Previews (the first 15 pages only) of the publications can be viewed on my website under ‘Items For Sale’.