What Does That Mean?


Here is a very small glossary of various terms and information about them which will help you on your way. You will come across many terms which you may not immediately understand but a good New Age Dictionary should help you out with these.

Also called Akashic Chronicles by some. These are the historical records of all the worlds events and the personal experiences, thoughts and deeds which have taken place on the earth by individuals. It is said that these records are only available to certain initiates or higher beings but others have claimed to access their own Akashic Records and had past lives memories revealed in this way.

Can also be referred to as an 'Out of Body Experience'. This is the ability to move or float outside of the physical body. Many people who have near death experiences tell of floating above or beyond their body and witnessing the events taking place from a distance. There are some who tell us that many of our dreams are actually astral travel accounts.

Auras are very simply put - energy fields. They surround everything: humans, animals, plants, rocks, water. The aura around living things changes often but the auras around things such as rocks and non-living things remains essentially fixed. Many people can see the auras of plants, animals and people. The light is cast off from the body energies and different colours and layers can be seen by the trained eye.

Writing which occurs whilst in a trance or meditative state. This writing is usually different to the normal writing style and is sometimes in a different language or written in symbols.

Taken from the Sanskrit word "Wheel". Points in the body where energies are received, transformed and distributed. They play an important role in our physical, mental and emotional health and our spiritual development. There are many different names and even the colour associated with some vary but in the main there are: Base or Root Chakra which is situated at the base of the spine and its dominant colour is red. Sacral, Hara or Navel Chakra is found on the spine at the level of the sacrum and it radiates orange. The Solar Plexus is next and its colour is yellow. The Heart chakra follows up the body and its colour is green. The Throat chakra is blue. The Third Eye or Brow chakra has colours of Violet or Indigo according to what book you read. Likewise, the Crown chakra has colours of Violet or White again according to what book you read. As usual, go with what feels right to you.

A French word which means 'clear hearing'. The perception of voices, music and other sounds which are not able to be heard by other people. What you 'hear'.

Again, a French word which means 'clear sensing'. The physical perception of smell, taste, touch, emotions and physical touch. What you 'feel'.

Means 'clear seeing' in French. The ability to see things without using normal vision. What you 'know'.

This is an ancient form of divination which uses a piece of bent wire, a forked stick of some kind or a pendulum to locate objects, people, water, minerals etc.

If your guides want to give you a message they will find a way to deliver it to you. You just have to be alert for the signs. Does a song go round and round in your head all day? If so, have a think about what the lyrics are actually telling you. Have you ever been looking through a book case and one book falls out at your feet? Again, if this happens take a good look at the book and see if that too has a message for you. Maybe there is something in that book which will give you some answers. Another way that guides or spirits sometimes try to get your attention is to hear the door bell ring at your home. You go to the door and of course there is no one there. The same with the ringing of a telephone. There have been times when I would have sworn that I hear my phone ring but when I got to the phone it was silent. If you hear your name being called out - again if you are the only person around you can almost certainly bank on it being a call to you from your guides.

A great healing technique I have found. Anyone can heal - you don’t need any special tools or training. Wrap the person you are thinking about in a lovely, soft blanket. You can imagine any colour which comes to mind. Usually pink is for love, blue for calming, cooling and communication, green for health and healing, yellow for happiness, red to energise and orange for confidence.

Karma is an interesting concept. Basically it relates to a person’s actions which affect his or her fate for the next incarnation. It is also known as destiny or fate and works on the principle that we reap what we sow. It is also known as the law of ‘cause and effect.’ No matter what you do, it always has an effect on something, somewhere, somehow.In most religious or spiritual beliefs there is a teaching which tells us that what we send out comes back to us. If you look into the teaching of any religion or system of ethics you will find that eventual retribution for wilful wrongs is a universal theme. Most of us have heard the phrase - “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Wiccans believe that what you wish for others will return threefold and this is a huge incentive in my opinion not to wish harm on anyone as who would like that same harm back threefold? Kismet is the Turkish version of destiny or fate. Karma can also be described as the sum of the consequences of one’s thoughts, words, or deeds in this and previous lifetimes. It is a chain of moral cause and effect and has been likened to a moral debt, worked out and repaid, usually gradually, for past actions. It also relates to your current life as you will be again producing karma during this incarnation which will have repercussions in future lives.

Don’t despair if you can’t quite grasp the meditation technique. No matter how hard some people try it just does not work for them but be reassured that there are many other ways to find that tranquil place so that messages and thoughts will come to mind. You can visualise a special place which you can bring to your mind and just think about that and relax your whole body. You might hear the waves of the ocean as they roll in across the sand. What about a walk through a tropical rain forest where you can hear the soft sounds of the birds calling? Or even a starry sky with the twinkling of the stars a stark contrast to the blackness of the sky.You can sit back in your chair and listen to some of your favourite relaxing music. Just let your mind flow with the music as it plays and you’ll soon be lost in a daydream. For me, one of the best ways to find some stillness and tranquillity is to go out into my garden and hand water the lawn and flowers. I really think of nothing else other than the wonderful feeling and it is amazing what comes into my head when I am out there in nature.


A person who is able to make contact with people and spirits who have passed over. They communicate with spirits through channels or spirit guides and some will go into a deep trance to bring forth messages from beyond.

The ability to 'read' information from an object. Examples are jewellery, flower reading, photograph interpretation etc. Tapping into the physical object to find information.

The return to life of a being in a new physical body after a prior death. Many religious groups believe in reincarnation.

An ancient written language which originated in Northern Europe. Each letter has a name and a particular sound which was used for poetry, for inscriptions and their main purpose - divination.

Using a crystal ball, a bowl of water, candle, mirror or any other reflective object to 'see' visions.

A system of religious beliefs which accept that communication with spirits is possible. There are now many spiritualist churches which have developed during this century.


Synchronicity is something which occurs at an ever increasing pace as you continue on your spiritual journey. It signifies meaningful coincidence and you will be surprised how often you come across it along the way.


The Tarot have been around for centuries and mystery, superstition and tales of woe have been with them for all that time. They are a practical tool, like many others which can help us to make contact with our subconscious mind or higher self. Most decks consist of 78 cards which are made up of 22 Major Arcana numbered 0 to 21 and 56 other cards which are broken into four suits: generally Wands, Swords, Cups and Pentacles. When starting out with Tarot it is best in my opinion to begin with a standard deck - something like the Rider Waite. Once you are comfortable with the suits and the what the cards have to say it is then up to you to choose from hundreds of other tarot decks which have a theme to suit every individual. Some of the decks available are - Cosmic, Thoth, Tarot of the Old Path, Tarot of Gemstones and Crystals, Tarot of the Witches, Herbal , Renaissance, Sacred Rose Tarot, Golden Dawn, Egyptian, Halloween, Ancestral Path, Hanson Roberts, Medicine Woman and Angel Tarot. There is a deck to suit everyone.


The transfer of thoughts, ideas and sensations between minds without any need for verbal, written or physical communication.

Now, this is only the briefest of glossaries. For those of you who wish to explore your spirituality further I would suggest a selection from the the many good books available in any large bookstore. I have only touched the surface with this publication and maybe in the future I will be able to go into more depth for those of you who want some practical exercises and suggestions to partake of.

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