Bible Verses/Actual findings

Exodus 13:18 - Israel had left Egypt before crossing the Red Sea

They had departed from Egypt - Had the crossing been through the Gulf of Suez Canal, they would have still been in Egypt when they began crossing

Exodus 13:18 -They crossed the "wilderness of the Red sea"

They crossed the desert between the two arms of the Red sea - called today the Sinai Peninsula, its ancient name was the "Wilderness of the Red sea"

Exodus 14:3 - They would appear to be "entangled" and "shut in"

The Exodus route led through a long canyon - called "Wadi Watir", it is the only route to Nuweiba from the wilderness, and fits the description perfectly

Exodus 3:1,12 - Moses led the people to a mountain in Midian

Midian is in north eastern Saudi Arabia - hence Moses led the Israelites to a mountain in Arabia, not on the Sinai peninsula as is commonly believed today


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