Bendigo Sideband Radio Club.

Bendigo SideBand Radio Club.

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This page is designed to provide a world-wide link to all other Radio Operators and Radio Clubs. We are involved with CB Radio HF and UHF, Amateur Radio, Scanning activities and Short Wave Listening. The club have a lot of social activities. Radio days, camping - fishing trips and evenings out at various establishments.

The BSB Radio Club has been operating for 38 years on the 10-09-2015

Established 1977

BSB News Thursdays 8-PM  Listen to Sections of BSB Radio News between the years- 1979 - 1983 - Still going, on 22 LSB every Thursday starting at 8.00pm
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Some of our group at one of our Radio Days at Bendigo Show Ground. View 0ur Online Calendar for coming events
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Established 1977

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    The Bendigo Sideband Radio Club
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