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A free knitting pattern, so you can make this pixie hat!

This cute hat has a smart rolled edge, and a square shaped top. The patterns on the yarn show up really differently when you knit larger rounds.

The Bead and Opal Wool Queen knitted the second picture on the right by following the smallest sized pattern, using 6 ply wool and 4.5mm needles, and replacing the point with a pom pom.

You will need:
35gms Opal yarn
2 x sets of 4 double-ended needles, size 3.25mm
Size - baby (small adult)(med large adult)

Cast on 92 sts (112 sts)(132 sts) - divide onto 6 needles as follows: 15, 15, 15, 16, 16, 16 (18, 18, 19, 19, 19, 19)(22) on each needle. If you have shorter needles, divide onto 7 needles.

Work in plain knit rounds for 14cms (15cms)(16cms).

Top Shaping:
K21 (K26)(K31), K2 tog - repeat to end of row, there will be 4 decreases.

As you work on less stitches, use less needles.

Work one row without shaping.

K20 (K25)(K30), K2 tog - repeat to end of row.

Work one row without shaping.

K19 (K24)(K29), K2 tog - repeat to end of row.

Continue decreasing every row until there are 8 sts in total - 2 sts on 4 needles.

Making the cute pixie top:
Work for 10 rows on the 8sts.
Break the yarn - thread onto a needle and pass it through all the stitches and finish off on the inside.

Darn off the beginning thread, neaten the join at the same time.

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